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 (wâr′wo͝olf′, wîr′-, wûr′-)
Variant of werewolf.


or wer•wolf

(ˈwɛərˌwʊlf, ˈwɪər-, ˈwɜr-)

n., pl. -wolves (-ˌwʊlvz)
(in folklore) a person who has assumed the form of a wolf.
[before 1000; Middle English werwolf, Old English werwulf=wer man (c. Gothic wair, Latin vir) + wulf wolf; c. Middle Dutch weerwolf, Old High German werwolf]
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20) Hermann Lons, Der Werwolf (Hannover: Adolf Sponholtz Verlag, 1910)
Su un altro autore classico del nonsense in lingua tedesca, Christian Morgenstern, autore dei famosi Galgenlieder, e incentrato il saggio di Ernst Kretschmer che ripercorre le trasformazioni di due poesie: Der Werwolf e Fisches Nachtgesang.
For a time, Jews were thus used on two important building projects: the construction of the DG IV and DG V highways (in the process of which thousands of Jews were worked to death), and the building of Hitler's Werwolf bunker and Himmler's headquarters in the East (both located in the Zhytomyr region).