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A waistcoat; a vest.

[Variant of waistcoat.]


(Clothing & Fashion) an informal word for waistcoat


(ˈwɛs kɪt)

a vest or waistcoat.
[1855–60; phoneticized sp. of waistcoat]
References in classic literature ?
'What do you call a price, now, for this here little weskit?'
A lone German tourist in full khaki regalia: shorts, hunting weskit, shirt and pith helmet, struggled furiously to assemble his complex camera on the edge of the crowd, but Red stopped dancing to a round of applause before he could get his picture.
URSULINE NUNS IN OKLAHOMA CrIY, in a "pilot project," introduced in December 1964 a new habit consisting of high heels, black skirt and weskit, and longed-sleeved white blouse.
Meanwhile John Bull in top hat and Union Jack weskit glowered down at shirkers bellowing "Who's Absent?
"Our forebears simplified 'waistcoat' to 'weskit' - but we've turned our backs on that.