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A waistcoat; a vest.

[Variant of waistcoat.]


(Clothing & Fashion) an informal word for waistcoat


(ˈwɛs kɪt)

a vest or waistcoat.
[1855–60; phoneticized sp. of waistcoat]
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A German tourist in full khaki regalia: shorts, hunting weskit, shirt and pith helmet, struggled furiously to assemble his complex camera on the edge of the crowd, but Red stopped dancing to a round of applause before he could get his picture.
URSULINE NUNS IN OKLAHOMA CrIY, in a "pilot project," introduced in December 1964 a new habit consisting of high heels, black skirt and weskit, and longed-sleeved white blouse.
Meanwhile John Bull in top hat and Union Jack weskit glowered down at shirkers bellowing "Who's Absent?
Female students are getting training of hand embroidery, machine embroidery, wool hand knitting, machine wool knitting, Crotia knitting, dress cutting stitching, designing, Chitrali patti work for weskit, carpet making and other different skill of handicrafts.