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One of these branches rises in the west-southwest, near the headwaters of the Arkansas.
The tropical storm is moving west-southwest at 40 kph.
The earthquake struck nearly 9 miles west-southwest of Searles Valley.
Summary: Gandhinagar (Gujarat) [India], June 17 (ANI): Cyclonic Vayu lay centred over the Northeast Arabian Sea and neighbourhood, about 280 km west-southwest of Naliya, 260 km west-southwest of Dwarka and 360 km west-southwest of Bhuj on Monday morning.
Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck some 39 kilometers (24.2 miles) west-southwest of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua, at a depth of 71 kilometers.
The epicenter of the magnitude 4.7 quake, which struck at 4:24 a.m., was 5.6 kilometers west-southwest of Hualien County Hall at a depth of 11.1 kilometers.
The wind will be moderate, increasing to strong over the ridges, from the west-southwest. It will warm up and the maximum temperature at 1,200 m will be about 12A[degrees], and at 2,000 m - about 5A[degrees]C.Atmospheric pressure will drop slightly, but will remain higher than the average for the month.
The eruption status was raised from an alert to standby 4 kilometers from the summit and up to 6.5 kilometers to the west-southwest. Standby status means people should avoid the area nearest the volcano and have masks available in the event of ashfall.
[1] DUSK: After sunset, Venus and Spica form a pretty pair a little more than 1[degrees] apart in the west-southwest. The duo anchors a graceful arc of planets that stretches to Mars in the southeast, with Jupiter and Saturn along the way.
Aletta, which is churning 530 miles west-southwest of Mexico, is the first major hurricane of the 2018 Eastern Pacific hurricane season.
National Hurricane Center said the storm was centered about 45 miles (70 kilometers) west-southwest of Puerto Angel.
Both earthquakes had their epicenters at depths of 8.2 km (5 miles) and 12 km, respectively, and were 29 km and 28 km west-southwest of Hawthorne, Nevada.