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The gamekeeper, about a year after he was dismissed from Mr Allworthy's service, and before Tom's selling the horse, being in want of bread, either to fill his own mouth or those of his family, as he passed through a field belonging to Mr Western espied a hare sitting in her form.
And now Black George was pitched upon by him, as being a person already obnoxious to Mr Western, and one of no good fame in the country.
Jones was lately grown very intimate with Mr Western.
The reader, if he considers that this fellow was already obnoxious to Mr Western, and if he considers farther the weighty business by which that gentleman's displeasure had been incurred, will perhaps condemn this as a foolish and desperate undertaking; but if he should totally condemn young Jones on that account, he will greatly applaud him for strengthening himself with all imaginable interest on so arduous an occasion.
The first attack upon the young telephone business was made by the Western Union Telegraph Company.
At that time, it should be remembered, the Western Union was the only corporation that was national in its extent.
From the first, the Western Union relied more upon its strength than upon the merits of its case.
The Western Union bought out several of the Bell exchanges and opened up a lively war on the others.
The lawyer-in-chief of the Western Union was George Gifford, who was perhaps the ablest patent attorney of his day.
By the terms of this treaty the Western Union agreed--
2) To pay the Western Union a royalty of twenty per cent on all telephone rentals.
The Western Union had lost its case, for several very simple reasons: It had tried to operate a telephone system on telegraphic lines, a plan that has invariably been unsuccessful, it had a low idea of the possibilities of the telephone business; and its already busy agents had little time or knowledge or enthusiasm to give to the new enterprise.