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1. Situated in, toward, or facing the west.
2. Coming from the west: western breezes.
3. Native to or growing in the west.
4. often Western Of, relating to, or characteristic of western regions or the West.
5. Western Of, relating to, or descended from those Christian churches that use or formerly used Latin as their liturgical language.
often Western A novel, film, television program, or other dramatic work including themes, characters, or settings characteristic of the American West, especially of the late 1800s.

[Middle English, from Old English westerne; see wes-pero- in Indo-European roots.]

west′ern·ness n.
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1. situated in or towards or facing the west
2. going or directed to or towards the west
3. (Physical Geography) (of a wind, etc) coming or originating from the west
4. native to, inhabiting, or growing in the west
5. (Music, other) music See country and western


1. (Placename) of, relating to, or characteristic of the West as opposed to the Orient
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (formerly) of, relating to, or characteristic of the Americas and the parts of Europe not under Communist rule
3. (Placename) of, relating to, or characteristic of the western states of the US
4. (Film) a film, book, etc, concerned with life in the western states of the US, esp during the era of exploration and early development
5. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a film, book, etc, concerned with life in the western states of the US, esp during the era of exploration and early development
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(ˈwɛs tərn)

1. lying toward or situated in the west.
2. directed or proceeding toward the west: a western migration.
3. coming or originating from the west, as a wind.
4. (often cap.) of or pertaining to the West in the U.S.
5. (usu. cap.) Occidental.
6. (usu. cap.) of or pertaining to the non-Communist countries of Europe and the Americas.
7. (cap.) of or pertaining to the Western Church.
8. (often cap.) a story, movie, or radio or television play about the U.S. West of the 19th century.
9. a person or thing from a western region or country.
[before 1050; Middle English, Old English westerne; see west, -ern]
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1. A tale set in the western states of the US, especially in the period of settlement and early development, usually involving gunmen, outlaws, or settlers in conflict with Native Americans.
2. A story of the white settlers in America and their conflicts with the Native Americans and each other. At first simplistic “cowboy and Indian” tales, they developed allegorical, mythical, and epic dimensions, rarely historically accurate. Usually made in the US, e.g. Stagecoach, High Noon. Spaghetti Westerns were 1960s westerns made in Europe by Italian companies.
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Noun1.western - a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and developmentWestern - a film about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development
feature film, feature - the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater; "the feature tonight is `Casablanca'"
spaghetti Western - a low-budget Western movie produced by a European (especially an Italian) film company
2.western - a sandwich made from a western omeletwestern - a sandwich made from a western omelet
sandwich - two (or more) slices of bread with a filling between them
Adj.1.western - relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts; "the Western world"; "Western thought"; "Western thought"
eastern - relating to or characteristic of regions of eastern parts of the world; "Eastern Europe"; "the Eastern religions"
2.western - of or characteristic of regions of the United States west of the Mississippi River; "a Western ranch"
eastern - of or characteristic of eastern regions of the United States; "the Eastern establishment"
3.western - lying toward or situated in the west; "our company's western office"
west - situated in or facing or moving toward the west
4.western - of wind; from the west
west - situated in or facing or moving toward the west
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الغَرْب المُتَوَحِّشغَرْبي، أوروبيغَرْبِيّ
vestri, kúrekamyndvesturríkja-; vestrænn
batıbatıya aitkovboy filmikovboy filmi/romanı
phim cao bồi Mỹphương tây


A. ADJoccidental
Western (Pol) → occidental, del Oeste
the western part of the islandla parte occidental or oeste de la isla
in western Spainen la España occidental
the western coastla costa occidental or oeste
B. N (= film) → western m, película f del oeste
C. CPD Western Isles N (Brit) → las Hébridas
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(= relating to Europe & North America) [governments, media, living standards] → occidental(e)
Western Europe → l'Europe de l'Ouest
(= in or to the west) [part, coast] → occidental(e)
the western part of the island → la partie occidentale de l'île
in western Spain → dans l'Ouest de l'Espagne
on the western horizon → à l'ouest
The sun began to turn crimson on the western horizon → À l'ouest, le soleil commençait à rougeoyer.
n (= film) → western m
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adjwestlich; on the Western frontan der Westfront; Western EuropeWesteuropa nt; the Western Saharadie westliche Sahara
nWestern m
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1. adj (also) (Pol) → occidentale, dell'ovest
in Western France/Europe → nella Francia/nell'Europa occidentale
2. n (film) → western m inv; (novel) → romanzo m western inv
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(west) noun
1. the direction in which the sun sets or any part of the earth lying in that direction. They travelled towards the west; The wind is blowing from the west; in the west of Britain.
2. (often with capital. also W) one of the four main points of the compass.
1. in the west. She's in the west wing of the hospital.
2. from the direction of the west. a west wind.
towards the west. The cliffs face west.
ˈwesterly adjective
1. (of a wind, breeze etc) coming from the west. a westerly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the west. moving in a westerly direction.
ˈwestern adjective
of the west or the West. Western customs/clothes.
a film or novel about the Wild West. Most westerns are about cowboys and Red Indians.
ˈwesternmost adjective
furthest west. the westernmost point.
ˈwestward adjective
towards the west. in a westward direction.
ˈwestward(s) adverb
towards the west. We journeyed westwards for two weeks.
go west
to become useless; to be destroyed. I'm afraid this jacket has finally gone west; That's all hopes of winning gone west.
the West
Europe and North and South America.
the Wild West
the western United States, before the establishment of law and order.
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غَرْبِيّ western, západní vestlig, western Western, westlich γουέστερν, δυτικός del oeste, película del Oeste lännenelokuva, läntinen occidental, western vestern, zapadni occidentale, western ウェスタン, 西の 서부영화, 서쪽의 western, westers vestlig, western western, zachodni bangue-bangue, filme de cowboys, ocidental вестерн, западный väst-, västlig ซึ่งอยู่ไปทางทิศตะวันตก, ภาพยนตร์หรือหนังสือที่เกี่ยวกับดินแดนทางตะวันตกของอเมริกา batı, kovboy filmi phim cao bồi Mỹ, phương tây 西方, 西的
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References in classic literature ?
The gamekeeper, about a year after he was dismissed from Mr Allworthy's service, and before Tom's selling the horse, being in want of bread, either to fill his own mouth or those of his family, as he passed through a field belonging to Mr Western espied a hare sitting in her form.
And now Black George was pitched upon by him, as being a person already obnoxious to Mr Western, and one of no good fame in the country.
Jones was lately grown very intimate with Mr Western. He had so greatly recommended himself to that gentleman, by leaping over five-barred gates, and by other acts of sportsmanship, that the squire had declared Tom would certainly make a great man if he had but sufficient encouragement.
He resolved therefore to make use of this favour on behalf of his friend Black George, whom he hoped to introduce into Mr Western's family, in the same capacity in which he had before served Mr Allworthy.
The reader, if he considers that this fellow was already obnoxious to Mr Western, and if he considers farther the weighty business by which that gentleman's displeasure had been incurred, will perhaps condemn this as a foolish and desperate undertaking; but if he should totally condemn young Jones on that account, he will greatly applaud him for strengthening himself with all imaginable interest on so arduous an occasion.
For this purpose, then, Tom applied to Mr Western's daughter, a young lady of about seventeen years of age, whom her father, next after those necessary implements of sport just before mentioned, loved and esteemed above all the world.
The first attack upon the young telephone business was made by the Western Union Telegraph Company.
At that time, it should be remembered, the Western Union was the only corporation that was national in its extent.
From the first, the Western Union relied more upon its strength than upon the merits of its case.
The Western Union bought out several of the Bell exchanges and opened up a lively war on the others.
The lawyer-in-chief of the Western Union was George Gifford, who was perhaps the ablest patent attorney of his day.
By the terms of this treaty the Western Union agreed--