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Noun1.western chimpanzee - masked or pale-faced chimpanzees of western Africawestern chimpanzee - masked or pale-faced chimpanzees of western Africa; distantly related to the eastern and central chimpanzees; possibly a distinct species
chimp, chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes - intelligent somewhat arboreal ape of equatorial African forests
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The female Western chimpanzee, which is currently without a name, was born on June 4 to mother ZeeZee.
The female western chimpanzee was born on June 4 and is said to be inseparable from mum ZeeZee.
The western chimpanzee population dropped by 80 percent in 25 years.
Tuagbeh, the two forest Landscapes host a unique treasure of endemic and threatened species such as the critically endangered western chimpanzee, the endangered pygmy hippo, vulnerable forest elephant and many more species.
Betty, a western chimpanzee, is the oldest animal living in Dublin Zoo.
Listed as critically endangered are the Sumatran orang-utan, bonobo, western chimpanzee, and three gorilla subspecies--the cross river gorilla, Grauer's gorilla and the mountain gorilla.
"In the wild, the Western chimpanzee is under huge threat from bush-meat hunting, as well as extensive and increasing habitat loss and fragmentation from human activity, so much so that it is the first-ever chimpanzee sub-species to join the list of critically endangered great apes.
The female newcomer -- a Western chimpanzee -- is the first of its kind to be born at the zoo for nearly a decade.

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