western dewberry

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Noun1.western dewberry - American blackberry with oblong black fruitwestern dewberry - American blackberry with oblong black fruit
blackberry - large sweet black or very dark purple edible aggregate fruit of any of various bushes of the genus Rubus
blackberry bush, blackberry - bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle
boysenberry, boysenberry bush - cultivated hybrid bramble of California having large dark wine-red fruit with a flavor resembling raspberries
loganberry, Rubus loganobaccus, Rubus ursinus loganobaccus - red-fruited bramble native from Oregon to Baja California
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n Developed by the USDA in the 195os at Oregon State (it was tested in Marion County, hence the name), the marion has the aromatic raspberry notes and soft seeds of a native Western dewberry, the classic blackberry flavor of an olallie, and the vigor of a wild Himalayan blackberry.

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