western white pine

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Noun1.western white pine - tall pine of western North America with stout blue-green needleswestern white pine - tall pine of western North America with stout blue-green needles; bark is grey-brown with rectangular plates when mature
white pine - any of several five-needled pines with white wood and smooth usually light grey bark when young; especially the eastern white pine
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The center gathers seeds from five native white pine species - western white pine, sugar pine, whitebark pine, limber pine and bristlecone pine.
Previous research with eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) and western white pine (Pinus monticola Dougl.
Some characteristics of green and dead lodgepole pine and western white pine. USDA For.
The sequence is derived from the promoter for the Western white pine gene PR10.
Jane Struthers, author of Decorating With Wood, calls pine "the most commonly used softwood of all." She says that since the late 1980s, pine has "enjoyed a tremendous revival of popularity and interest." Yellow pine, radiata pine, pitch pine, ponderosa pine and western white pine "are some of the most commonly grown trees."
When stands of lodgepole pine, hemlock and Western white pine started turning a pallid gray in 1990, rangers first focused on the obvious suspects: disease, pests, and the ongoing drought.
Evans tells us, for instance, that David Douglas (of Douglas-fir fame) died in Hawaii in a cattle trap at the age of 34, but not before he shone the first scientific light on some of the West's most distinctive trees: the sugar pine, western white pine, silver fir, and Oregon white oak.
* TREES: sugar pine forest ecosystems, including a mix of conifers like Jeffrey pine, ponderosa pine, western white pine, Douglas-fir and incense cedar
Red fir forests were dominated by red fir (Abies magnifica), with western white pine (Pinus monticola), sugar pine (P.
1986), Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii Parry ex Engelm.) (Cahill 1980), western white pine (Pinus monticola Dougl.

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