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1. The westerly component of the distance traveled between two positions.
2. Progress toward the west.

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(Navigation) nautical movement, deviation, or distance covered in a westerly direction, esp as expressed in the resulting difference in longitude


(ˈwɛs tɪŋ)

the distance due west made good on any course tending westward.
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They always showed a considerable westing when I knew that we had been sailing due north.
A current was setting to the westward, she made westing whether she made southing or not.
The building would be called Lincoln at CityGate Centre, and it would be built at the northwest corner of Westings Avenue and CityGate Lane, within the CityGate campus established since 2005 at Route 59 and I-88.
The Tim Westings of the world caused their corporations to hire firms like the one she worked for, and the money that trickled down paid for the apartment and Josie's math tutor.
Westing was fascinated by how old rock walls like this one stuck together; they always looked like they were crumbling down, except as far as he could tell they never actually did, not entirely.
Brad Ferenz had wandered over to Westing. He was short and dressed like a golfer--trousers, button-down, straw hat.
The quickness of the apology surprised and impressed Westing. He had to credit the rich man.
Behind them came Westing's boy, Carl, the same age as May.
Westing hadn't realized they'd moved on from ninjas.
Westing didn't react, but Ferenz made the mistake of asking, "You OK?"
Pretty enough, Westing thought, except there was a bit of the delicate flower about her that he found unappealing.
The target area presented in Figure 7(a) shows the satellite photograph of the whole target area, with a local coordinate (Northings, Westings) for image formation being superimposed on.

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