wet lease

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dry lease, wet lease - To rent an aircraft without a crew is a dry lease; a wet lease is to hire an aircraft with a crew.
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The A330 will be deployed to further expand Hi Fly's long-haul wet lease and charter operations worldwide.
It has also resulted in waiver of duties and custom taxes on imports of dry and wet lease aircrafts and their engines and related parts.
Sources revealed that Cyan did not allow acquiring additional planes on a wet lease for Haj and peak season, wrongly thinking that wet leases are always an expensive way of acquiring planes.
With a wet lease it's their flight with their (in your case Tui) flight number but using another airline's planes, often when a plane is withdrawn from service for technical reasons.
As per the terms of the wet lease, the lessor's logo and livery are maintained due to the limited leasing period.
We feel compelled to increase the number of scheduled flights, and operate extra and charter flights, as well as wet lease planes temporarily to cope with the high demand on air transportation between Jordan and the world during the holiday seasons, and to support tourism to the Kingdom."
For most of the year one of the aircraft was based in Tallinn, while the others operated under wet lease agreements in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Israel and Vietnam.
According to official documents, 18 aircrafts were taken on dry lease while 19 aircraft on wet lease and 2 jumbo jet aircraft were taken on lease from air land Company.
Deflecting criticism of PPP MNA Shazia Marri about leasing of planes on wet lease for PIA, the Parliamentary Secretary said PIA got 20 planes on dry lease and only four planes on wet lease to take passengers to Saudi Arabia.
Upon delivery, the aircraft will operate under wet lease in the SAS network.
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings has secured all 20 Boeing 767-300s it will wet lease to Amazon, according to president and CEO Bill Flynn.