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IT WAS at a time when photography was in its nascent stages in the 19th century and wet plates were being introduced instead of the usual dry plates, that the country saw the rise of Lala Deen Dayal ( 1844 -- 1905) as the pioneer of Indian photography.
Eastman was initially inspired to enter the field of photography in 1878, when he planned a trip to Santo Domingo, purchased photographic equipment to make a record of his trip, and found the camera size, the wet plates, chemicals, heavy plate holder and other accoutrements of this "hobby" ridiculously cumbersome.
These replaced the old wet plates and freed photography from the studio and the darkroom.
The customers for photo equipment were mostly conservative professionals who were reluctant to shift from wet plates. However, there were some amateurs who might be willing to accept an inferior dry plate process for the sake of convenience and cost.
"All we had to see if anything was wrong was an X-ray, and I remember carrying the wet plates across the hospital with a bowl underneath to catch the drips.
The speed of the new plates not only freed the photographer from the awkward and restricting procedures required to use wet plates, but made the tripod dispensable in many situations since the camera now could be held in the hand.