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also wet suit  (wĕt′so͞ot′)
A tight-fitting, usually rubber garment designed to keep the body warm in water by trapping water next to the skin, used especially in scuba diving and water sports.
بَدْلَةُ الغَوْصبَدْلَة مَطاطِيَّه للغَوْص
ronilačko odijelo
potápačská kombinéza
balıkadam kıyafetidalgıç giysisi
bộ đồ lặn


(wet) adjective
1. containing, soaked in, or covered with, water or another liquid. We got soaking wet when it began to rain; His shirt was wet through with sweat; wet hair; The car skidded on the wet road.
2. rainy. a wet day; wet weather; It was wet yesterday.
verbpresent tense ˈwetting: past tense, past participles wet, ~ˈwetted
to make wet. She wet her hair and put shampoo on it; The baby has wet himself / his nappy / the bed.
1. moisture. a patch of wet.
2. rain. Don't go out in the wet.
ˈwetness noun
wet blanket
a depressing companion.
ˈwet-nurse noun
a woman employed to breast-feed someone else's baby.
ˈwetsuit noun
a rubber suit for wearing in cold conditions when diving etc.
wet through
soaked to the skin.


بَدْلَةُ الغَوْص neoprén våddragt Taucheranzug στολή κατάδυσης traje de buceo, traje de neopreno märkäpuku combinaison de plongée ronilačko odijelo muta ウェットスーツ 잠수복 wetsuit våtdrakt strój piankowy fato de borracha, roupa de mergulho лёгкий водолазный костюм våtdräkt ชุดดำน้ำ balıkadam kıyafeti bộ đồ lặn 潜水服
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A GROOM-TO-BE who dropped an engagement ring into the water during a romantic canal-side proposal finally hit the jackpot after a frantic wetsuit search.
Tenders are invited for Wetsuit (a suit of the "Draysuit" type) and a Wetsuit (a suit of the "Calypso" type)
A RUBBER fetishist wearing a wetsuit and black leather boots "gyrated" outside his victim's home.
In the traditional costume event, Robert Waterhouse took third in his age group and 19th overall with Steve Connor also taking third in the wetsuit competition in the 55-59 age group.
Luckily, it was a very warm day and we waited for low tide before I zipped up my wetsuit and dived in.
PIONEERING surfer and developer of the modern wetsuit Jack O'Neill has died aged 94.
Jack O'Neill, the Santa Cruz entrepreneur who opened one of the world's first surf shops and pioneered the neoprene wetsuit that helped popularise year-round cold-water surfing, has died.
The swim begins at 11am and swimmers will need to wear a wetsuit to take part.
A wetsuit is manufactured using foamed neoprene, which provides thermal insulation, buoyancy, and abrasion resistance.
They stole around PS1200 worth of equipment including: | One Excel medium tall black wetsuit with a blue internal panel at the chest area; | One Alder medium tall grey wetsuit with a red panel inside; | One Alder XL Stealth black wetsuit with red arms; | | | Two Alder large black wetsuits with red arms; | Six Alder medium wetsuits with red arms; | | | Four Alder small black wetsuit swith red arms; | | | Four Excel junior black wetsuits.
Because deciding on which wetsuit to buy is a rather technical exercise, Lynch started out by reading reviews about various products in this category.
The 46-year-old's instructor found a wetsuit to fit her, but told her dad it was big enough to fit a BEACHED WHALE.