wetting agent

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wet·ting agent

A substance that reduces the surface tension of water or another liquid, causing the liquid to spread across or penetrate more easily the surface of a solid.
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wetting agent

(Chemistry) chem any substance added to a liquid to lower its surface tension and thus increase its ability to spread across or penetrate into a solid
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wet′ting a′gent

any admixture to a liquid for increasing its ability to penetrate, or spread over the surface of, a given material, esp. cloth, paper, or leather.
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Noun1.wetting agent - a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved
emulsifier - a surface-active agent that promotes the formation of an emulsion
chemical agent - an agent that produces chemical reactions
detergent - a surface-active chemical widely used in industry and laundering
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Wetting agents in wound irrigation solution minimize tissue damage, remove biofilm and prevent its formation, reducing the healing time of wounds.
According to Research and Markets' report, "Ink Additives Market by Type (Dispersing & Wetting Agents, Foam Control Additives, Slip/ Rub Materials, Rheology Modifiers), Process, Technology, Application (Packaging, Publishing, Printing), and Region--Global Forecast to 2023," the global ink additives market is projected to reach $2 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2018 and 2023.
Flocculation can be prevented or reduced through better dispersion practices and the use of wetting agents. However, root causes of flocculation-related color problems can be complicated.
Next, 2.5 m/m% and 10 m/m% wetting agents were added to the organic pigment-based pink masterbatch (Figure 7).
These solutions with a pH of 10 include surfactants such as soaps, wetting agents, nonylphenol-ethoxylates, silicones polyethers and polysaccharides with a neutralizing agent.
Karcher DE, Landreth JW (2003) Wetting agents decrease wilt symptoms and water repellency on a sand-based putting green.
an advantage to improve particle manufacturing, wetting agents, anti-foamers, corrosion inhibitors, and pH adjusters.
The global interface and performance business line offers specific expertise in release coatings for labels and hygiene applications; additives and processing aids for the manufacture of plastics and rubber, fluff pulp, tissue and textiles; wetting agents for safeguarding the efficacy of plant protection agents; as well as additives for building protection and metalworking fluids; and binders for adhesives and sealants.
The fabric was treated with different aqueous concentrations of selected wetting agents under different treatment conditions.
It is available as a base polymer or a coater-ready formulation, and is compatible with many wetting agents, defoamers and rheology modifiers.
Its products include a broad line of proprietary high-quality controlled-release fertilizers (CRF), slow release fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers (WSF), plant protection products, wetting agents, growing media and grass seeds sold under well-known brand names.