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 (wāl′băk′, hwāl′-)
A steamship with the bow and upper deck rounded so as to shed water.


1. something shaped like the back of a whale
2. (Nautical Terms) a steamboat having a curved upper deck


(ˈʰweɪlˌbæk, ˈweɪl-)

something shaped like the back of a whale, as a rounded hill or an ocean wave.
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Construction of temporary jawan tiarrack at bop sp-ll of 176 bn bsf under shq bsf 4- construction of lemporary jawan barrack ai bop sp-i of 176 bn bsf under shq bsf 1/nanar 5- construction of temporary jawan barrack at bop whaleback of 80 bn bsf under shq bsf
KNOWN FOR: At the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, he worked with artistic director Blanka Zizka on The Hard Problem (2016), Under the Whaleback (2013), and Our Class (2011).
Altogether there will now be 20 PV-271 autonomous drills deployed across BHP's five Pilbara iron ore sites: Yandi, Mining Area C, Jimblebar, Mount Whaleback and Eastern Ridge.
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In August of 2014, ThinkingPhones acquired Whaleback, a New Hampshire-based company that provides managed, cloud-based services to medium-sized businesses.
The Whaleback cod spawning protection area north of Cape Anne remains closed from April 1 through June 30.
The mixed mopani bushveld was beautiful, strewn with massive whaleback and castle granite kopjes.
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder Jason Jeffords, who was a vice president of engineering at Integral Access and the architect of Whaleback
Today, only pieces of the whaleback remain in water that ranges up to 60 feet deep.
Different tadpole and whaleback forms, ranging from a few metres to 10 m in height, are sculptured in the more or less flat bedrock surface.