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 (wôrvz, hwôrvz)
A plural of wharf.


(ʰwɔrf, wɔrf)

n., pl. wharves (hwôrvz, wôrvz), wharfs, n.
1. a structure built on the shore of or projecting into a harbor, stream, etc., so that vessels may be moored alongside to load or unload or to lie at rest; quay; pier.
2. to provide with a wharf or wharves.
3. to place or store on a wharf.
4. to accommodate at or bring to a wharf.
5. to tie up at a wharf; dock.
[before 1050; Middle English (n.); Old English hwearf embankment, c. Middle Low German warf, werf]
References in classic literature ?
And the winds of adventure blew the oyster pirate sloops up and down San Francisco Bay, from raided oyster-beds and fights at night on shoal and flat, to markets in the morning against city wharves, where peddlers and saloon-keepers came down to buy.
One could almost have believed, as her gray-whiskered second mate used to say of the old Duke of S-, that they knew the road to the Antipodes better than their own skippers, who, year in, year out, took them from London - the place of captivity - to some Australian port where, twenty-five years ago, though moored well and tight enough to the wooden wharves, they felt themselves no captives, but honoured guests.
He skulks about the wharves of Joppa, and seeks a ship that's bound for Tarshish.
46-billion budget had been earmarked for the renovation of the free port's piers and wharves that she noted had been neglected in the past administrations.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications for Ports and Maritime Affairs concluded his statement to ONA by saying: "We hope through this future vision to establish a train station for general cargo and container, several logistics facilities, multi-modal transports, warehouses and distribution centres, as well as housing and entertainment centres, cruise station, specialised wharves for government purposes, a marina for boats and tourist yachts.
York Civil has delivered similar works on operational ports and wharves in the past, and therefore understand the importance of maintaining operations as much as possible.
Each of the wharves has two dedicated container terminal and oil piers to handle liquid cargo.
Over the past 20 years Canary Wharf Group has regenerated derelict wharves into a business and shopping district, constructing over 16m sq ft of office space; more than any other company in London.
After the railway company took over the canal in 1844, the wharves were numbered and Engine Bridge wharf was number 34.
Taipei, June 2, 2011 (CENS)--The Kaohsiung Harbor Bureau has resolved to spend NT$2 billion to rebuild wharves, including the dredging of three wharves at the No.