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a boy or man whose name is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked


[ˈwɒtsɪzneɪm] PRONfulano m, cómo-se-llame m
I ran into what's-his-name from the hairdresser'sme encontré con fulano, el de la peluquería
old what's-his-name with the limpfulano el cojo
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Then don't act like if only Whassisface had passed the ball to you instead of to Whatsisname, the score would have been any different, because you were sitting on the sofa eating cheese at the time.
In dress, in speech, in the way you think, stand out from the bunch, be sure no one ever but never says whatsisname when they refer to you, like you know, that guy in the blue shirt or the fellow with the funny teeth.
composer Aaron Gervais/librettist Colleen Murphy); Chants Libres (Montreal), $34,000 to develop Le reve de Gregoire (composer Pierre Michaud/librettists Pierre Michaud and Rene-Daniel Dubois) in partnership with the Societe de musique contemporaine du Quebec; Opera de Montreal, $25,000 to develop Les Feluettes (composer Kevin March/librettist Michel Marc Bouchard); and Calgary Opera, $25,000 to produce The Untimely Death of Whatsisname (composer Allan Gilliland/ librettist Val Brandt) in partnership with One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre.
Reading's Noel Hunt enlightens the world on his H20 preferences @StuartBroad8 Low point of the day so far being called 'thingy' by the photographer #worsethanchris The England bowler, you know, whatsisname, struggles to make an impression Follow RPSPORT on twitter @racingpostsport
Ben, the mate of whatsisname - Ryan, in Coronation Street.
The forms thingummybob, thingybob and whatsisname are only found once each in this corpus.
They know them and let us be honest there is more appeal in being mates with stars from the telly than being buddies with Billy Whatsisname from some no hopers who won a year in the Premiership in the Championship raffle.
If Joe whatsisname wanted true immortality, he should've entered the Oxo Factor--for a worse advert will never, ever be made.
And the added advantage is when you get back home you will remember it, and not get it mixed up with that other Crucifixion by whatsisname in Santa Maria-whichever-it-was.
You'll be getting plenty of advice about what to do with your newfound power (limited, of course, by whatsisname in the White House) and how to set the table for 2008.
Just as a reminder: Phil Blatsos, the other commissioner to blame Governor Lynch in the union fees collection dust-up, was appointed by Lynch's predecessor, whatsisname.
This was not only because Mr Whatsisname was a bland nonentity but also because it seemed pointless to take seriously a figure who simply could not last.