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 (wŏt′sĭt, wŭt′-, hwŏt′-, hwŭt′-) or what·sis (-sĭs)
n. Informal
Something whose name is unknown or forgotten.

[From What's it (called)?]


(ˈwɒtsɪt) ,




informal a thing the name of which is unknown, temporarily forgotten, or deliberately overlooked
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noun thingummy, whatever it is (informal), whatchamacallit (informal), what's-its-name, thingummyjig (informal), oojamaflip (informal), thing `She's a whatsit.' `A masochist?' `That's the word.'


[ˈwɒtsɪt] Nchisme m


n (inf)Dingsbums nt (inf), → Dingsda nt (inf), → Dingens nt (dial inf)
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The creature design throughout is so inventive " there are less-fuzzy whatsits on the island, too " that you wish more had been added.
It's a right kick in the whatsits," Megson replied when asked how he felt after seeing a two-goal lead slip.
Where would we be without our hoofer doofers, whatsits and thingamajigs that change channels or open doors?
She sets out a group of classroom, and personal reading items, as well as gadgets, gizmos and whatsits for our staff to consider.
Dyson's description of the physical construction of the machine, with all its vacuum tubes, capacitors, and whatsits, is enough to make a layman's head spin at times.
Indeed it is and don't forget it doesn't matter if you score with your foot, head or your whatsits - it still stands.
Don't let anyone's 'grumping' make you feel rubbish and don't let him defame other men's abilities to keep their eyes in their sockets and their, um, you know, in their, er, whatsits.
Little asymmetric whatsits from Australia maybe the oldest fossils of full-fledged animal bodies yet discovered, beating the previous contenders by tens of millions of years and pushing body-fossil evidence for animal life to an earlier geologic time.