wheat field

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Noun1.wheat field - a field planted with wheatwheat field - a field planted with wheat    
grain field, grainfield - a field where grain is grown
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In front was a quiet sunny landscape, a wheat field ahead on either side of the road, and the Maybury Inn with its swinging sign.
The snow, however, finally disappeared, and the green wheat fields were seen in every direction, spotted with the dark and charred stumps that had, the preceding season, supported some of the proudest trees of the forest.
Edwards, was a Grecian king, who— no, he was a Turk, or a Persian, who wanted to conquer Greece, just the same as these rascals will overrun our wheat fields, when they come back in the fall.
It was cool after a hot day, and wheat fields all about us were ripening to their harvestry.
The million workers in the nation's wheat fields have worked a hundred days each, and the total product of the labor is a billion bushels, so the value of a bushel of wheat is the tenth part of a farm labor-day.
Behind the Bastille there were twenty hovels clustered round the curious sculptures of the Croix-Faubin and the flying buttresses of the Abbey of Saint- Antoine des Champs; then Popincourt, lost amid wheat fields; then la Courtille, a merry village of wine-shops; the hamlet of Saint-Laurent with its church whose bell tower, from afar, seemed to add itself to the pointed towers of the Porte Saint- Martin; the Faubourg Saint-Denis, with the vast enclosure of Saint-Ladre; beyond the Montmartre Gate, the Grange- Batelière, encircled with white walls; behind it, with its chalky slopes, Montmartre, which had then almost as many churches as windmills, and which has kept only the windmills, for society no longer demands anything but bread for the body.
The current set the surrounding wheat field ablaze.
683 hectares of wheat field was washed away by the mudflows, the press service of Jalal-Abad oblast state administration said.662.3 hectares of wheat fields damaged in Bazar-Korgon for 2.5 million som.
Eight fire engines tackled a fire the size of more than two hectares in a wheat field inLingfield.
Federal authorities continue to investigate two recent small-plane crashes, one where a pilot made an emergency landing along the Reagan Memorial Tollway near Maple Park and another where a pilot set down in a wheat field south of Kankakee.