wheat flour

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Noun1.wheat flour - flour prepared from wheatwheat flour - flour prepared from wheat    
flour - fine powdery foodstuff obtained by grinding and sifting the meal of a cereal grain
graham flour, whole meal flour, whole wheat flour, graham - flour made by grinding the entire wheat berry including the bran; (`whole meal flour' is British usage)
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So now, two days before the holiday, Martha had been twice to see Vasili Andreevich and had got from him wheat flour, tea, sugar, and a quart of vodka, the lot costing three rubles, and also five rubles in cash, for which she thanked him as for a special favour, though he owed Nikita at least twenty rubles.
I extended my search to the Potrero, and by good luck managed to pick up another box of candles, two sacks of wheat flour, ten pounds of graham flour (which would do for the servants), a case of tinned corn, and two cases of tinned tomatoes.
At last we reached a hut that they set apart for us, and there we cooked our meat and some vegetables the women brought us, and had milk from cows--the first I had had in Caspak--and cheese from the milk of wild goats, with honey and thin bread made from wheat flour of their own grinding, and grapes and the fermented juice of grapes.
The sources said that the government was taking all possible steps to ensure the supply of quality wheat flour to the consumers.
But GMAZ also needs Government to support to protect the millers by barring wheat flour imports.
Composite flour is a mixture of flours, starches and other ingredients intended to totally or partially replace wheat flour in bakery and pastry products.
This optimal ratio of wheat flour to grape seed flour creates the same bake-up functionality of traditional all-purpose wheat flour, making for a cup-for-cup replacement.
The day-long workshop here Saturday was organized at a local hotel in Mirpur by the Micronutrient Initiative in collaboration with UN World Food Program and Food Department AJ and K under Wheat Flour Fortification Project (WFFP).
Despite how it sounds, the term is not referring to bleached wheat flour.
The Minister of Development, Industry & Trade (Mific), Orlando Solorzano, said ENIMPORT will buy wheat flour from Russia and may also purchase from other markets if more favorable prices are presented and will sell it to local distributors.
Some turn into amateur chemists in an attempt to create their own gluten-free blend that will mimic the reaction of wheat flour.
The average retail price of wheat flour increased in both urban and rural areas by 1% in February 2014 compared to January, said in the latest Monthly Food Price and Food Security update conducted by the United Nations World Food Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic.