wheel animalcule

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wheel animalcule

(Animals) another name for rotifer


(ˈroʊ tə fər)

any microscopic animal of the phylum Rotifera, found in fresh and salt waters, having one or more rings of cilia on the anterior end. Also called wheel animalcule.
[1785–95; < New Latin Rotifera= Latin rot(a) wheel + -i- -i- + -fera, neuter pl. of -fer -fer]
ro•tif′er•al (-ˈtɪf ər əl) ro•tif′er•ous, adj.
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Rotifers are pseudocoelomate micro-organism with intricate structure and well organized bodies, commonly called as wheel animalcule. Rotifers are found in aquatic and semi aquatic habitats, but are predominantly fresh water inhabitants.