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Noun1.wheel spoke - support consisting of a radial member of a wheel joining the hub to the rimwheel spoke - support consisting of a radial member of a wheel joining the hub to the rim
bicycle wheel - the wheel of a bicycle
cartwheel - a wheel that has wooden spokes and a metal rim
support - any device that bears the weight of another thing; "there was no place to attach supports for a shelf"
wagon wheel - a wheel of a wagon
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This consists of white accents around the air vent surrounds and gear shift bezel, as well as Glossy Black accents on the door handles, steering wheel spoke and air vent bezel, and a grey headliner.
On the outside, the iconic Y-shaped wheel spoke design of the European Focus ST has evolved.
We received many responses, including answers of a wheel jig, a jig to hold a bottle, and a wagon wheel spoke shaper.
And the switch gear is well designed - even if the audio stalk controls are hidden behind the steering wheel spoke.
Or at least you do after finding the go button hanging from a steering wheel spoke. Very Ferrari.
After the dust had settled, South African Team RECM rider, James Reid, emerged victorious for the third consecutive stage, although today's victory proved far from easy after he broke a wheel spoke on the first descent.
- The center steering wheel spoke and the air conditioner vent bezels and center knobs have chrome garnish for a premium impression.
Usefully the left steering wheel spoke houses push-button controls for the audio system so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to increase the volume.
For these trucks, the chain is routed around a steering wheel spoke and through the dash-mounted handhold, then locked.
The WIS-8000 system recognizes wheel spoke patterns, wheel finishes and other features to identify wheels prior to wheel tire mounting and wheel balancing.