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Adj.1.wheelless - having no wheels or having no wheeled vehicles; "dragging a wheelless stoneboat filled with rocks"; "wheelless societies"
wheeled - having wheels; often used in combination
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But headquarters was burdened by the family legacy of metal, the vehicles Cruz had broken the axles of, the derelict lawnmowers, and a thousand Coors Light cans he and Barry had tossed into the beds of the wheelless pickups.
The wheelless, salvaged skateboard decks deployed in Battalion, 2014-, were positioned vertically against wooden crates, their flipped undersides displaying painted designs evocative of kente cloth.
The whole complex honeycombing the hillside, unit by unit welded together, entrance to entrance, back to front, right and left, was made from forty-two wheelless, cement-encased, faded yellow school busses, ready for one last hopeful trip toward a better tomorrow.