(wâr′frŭm′, -frŏm′, hwâr′-)
From which.


from what or where? whence?
from which place; whence


(ʰwɛərˈfrʌm, -ˈfrɒm, wɛər-)

conj., adv.
from which; whence.
References in classic literature ?
Full of these thoughts and anxieties, they ascended a rising ground wherefrom they descried their own village, at the sight of which Sancho fell on his knees exclaiming, "Open thine eyes, longed-for home, and see how thy son Sancho Panza comes back to thee, if not very rich, very well whipped
The pungency of ammonia bit her nostrils, wafted to her from the soaked sponge wherefrom he breathed the fiery fumes that cleared his brain.
I too sat down, laying the spear between us, and tried to explain how I came to Pellucidar, and wherefrom, but it was as impossible for him to grasp or believe the strange tale I told him as I fear it is for you upon the outer crust to believe in the existence of the inner world.
She had felt humiliated by his kindness to her (he was a generous giver of presents), and, with the instinct of an anarchist, had taken disparagement of his advice and defiance of his authority as the signs wherefrom she might infer surely that her face was turned to the light.
The police officer said the locals shifted the injured to the tehsil headquarters hospital, Bisham, wherefrom one injured was referred to Saidu Teaching Hospital Swat in precarious condition.
There will be a control centre in the middle of the site wherefrom the chief commander -- Dr Gernot Gromer -- will supervise and instruct the work of the field crew," he said.
We are compelled to take direct action and take protest to the routes wherefrom the convoy of Mian Nawaz Sharif and his daughter will pass for hearing in the NAB courts, said they.
Yet if queried, barely anyone would have known wherefrom this oil, prior reaching refineries at Karachi, came from.
Injured persons were shifted to Charsadda hospital wherefrom one policeman was shifted to Lady Reading hospital due to critical condition.
What needs to be borne in mind and wherefrom we should draw positive energy in the moments of crisis of faith is the fact that there is a whole range of forums organized to promote regional cooperation from the South-East European Cooperation Process as the longest-lasting, Western Balkans Six, Brdo-Brioni Process to the Berlin Process which says that the political will for reconciliation does exist and that it is supported by the citizens expressing unequivocally their wish for a more prosperous future and a better quality of life.
PPP Senator Kareem Khawaja referred to the Senate Standing Committee meeting and said that a committee has been formed to visit Malir and Lyari River wherefrom the untreated water is disposed off in the sea.
Whenever I was reaching a high spot wherefrom the view was panoramic, I could see little lakes among the green pastures.