(wâr-ŭn′to͞o, hwâr-)
adv. & conj.
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(ʰwɛərˈʌn tu, wɛər-; ˌʰwɛər ʌnˈtu, ˌwɛər-)

conj., adv.
Archaic. whereto.
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"Ah, peradventure my head being distraught by the manifold matters whereunto the confusions of these but late adventured haps and fortunings whereby not I alone nor you alone, but every each of us, meseem- eth --"
Also the foresight and prevention, that there be no likely or fit head, whereunto discontented persons may resort, and under whom they may join, is a known, but an excellent point of caution.
Bumble shook his head with gloomy mystery, and said he wished he might come to good; whereunto Mr.
Whereunto Bella replied, with probably the least successful attempt at looking matronly that ever was seen: 'Indeed, I think so, John, dear.'
Moved by these considerations, a stout lady opened the proceedings by inquiring, with an air of great concern and sympathy, how Mr Quilp was; whereunto Mr Quilp's wife's mother replied sharply,
The Defarges, husband and wife, came lumbering under the starlight, in their public vehicle, to that gate of Paris whereunto their journey naturally tended.
In one of the ornamented portions of the building, there is a figure of Justice; whereunto the Guide Book says, 'the artist at first contemplated giving more of nudity, but he was warned that the public sentiment in this country would not admit of it, and in his caution he has gone, perhaps, into the opposite extreme.' Poor Justice!
Whereunto is adjoyned a briefe forme of confession (necessary for all good Christians) according to the use f the Catholike Church (London: English Secret Press, 1605), 60.
As noted, part of the project undertaken by the Gray's Inn revelers involved the Prince of Purpoole soliciting six speeches from Francis Bacon with the following prompt: explain "whereunto you think it most for our Honour, and the Happiness of Our State, that Our Government be rightly bent and directed." (13) Evidently, the self-conscious Prince perceived his government to have erred off course; consequently, he invited an esteemed senior member of Gray's to straighten him out.
I bear the Scales, where hang in equipoise The night and day: and whereunto my lips I put my trumpet, with its stress and noise Fly the white clouds like tattered sails of ships; The tree-tops lash the air with sounding whips; Southward the clamorous sea-fowl wing their flight; The hedges are all red with haws and hips, The Hunter's Moon reigns empress of the night.
Lovell-Smith sees an allusion to Margaret Gatty's Parables in this passage, namely, to "Whereunto," a parable about a starfish who talks about his fate and becomes more and more pathetic; Lovell-Smith, '"The Walrus and the Carpenter': Lewis Carroll, Margaret Gatty, and Natural History for Children," Australasian Victorian Studies Journal 10 (2004): 58.
Whereunto are Added Focal Proverbs with their Explications, Old Proverbial Rhythmes, Less Known Or F.xotick Proverbial Sentences, and Scottish Proverbs (Cambridge: W.