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 (wĭf, hwĭf)
a. A brief, passing odor carried in the air: a whiff of perfume.
b. A very small trace: a whiff of self-pity in her remarks.
2. An inhalation, as of air or smoke: Take a whiff of this pipe.
3. A slight, gentle gust of air; a waft: A whiff of cool air blew into the room.
4. Baseball A strikeout.
v. whiffed, whiff·ing, whiffs
1. To be carried in brief gusts; waft: puffs of smoke whiffing from the chimney.
2. Sports To swing at and miss a ball or puck.
3. Baseball To strike out. Used of a batter.
1. To inhale through the nose; sniff: a dog whiffing the air.
2. Baseball To strike out (a batter).

[Perhaps alteration of Middle English weffe, offensive smell.]

whiff′er n.
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UAC general manager Paul Whiffing said once the existing projects were completed there would be a further review in line with an update of the existing five-year plan for further growth and expansion.
Along the way to posting the best record in the American League, the Red Sox are doing something interesting - whiffing less.
If I smell like raw sewage, there's no problem as long as I'm out of whiffing range.