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He said: "I think it was a bit whiffy, frankly, this business with whatever happened with the information from his computer.
Like a lonely heart flicking through Tinder, I wanted the picture to be genuine, but the reality was limp and whiffy and never going to fit.
Too much and you get a rather whiffy and unpleasantly soggy bake, whereas too little cooking means the cauliflower stays unpalatably tough throughout.
Fungus, his wife Mildew and their son Mould like nothing better than making the lives of humans - Drycleaners as they call us - a whiffy, noisy, misery.
Dotty squires Whiffy from coatroom to bathroom to classroom, and then to the playground where Whiffy is cheered as the hero of the day at soccer, his favorite
But don't let the smell put you off because its impressive orange flowers make more of a statement than its whiffy pong.
It had to go to Leighton Andrews, whose unexpected resignation as Education Minister in June was simply whiffy.
Dotty a bossy, but nice, little girl takes charge to solve things for Whiffy Wllson the Wolf Who Wouldn't Wash (11) in which Caryl Hart's variations on the wolf theme are charming and Leonie Lord's expressive illustrations work well too: Orchard, 5.
Despite stains and spills ranging from tuna and avocado to motor oil and chocolate, she says the expectation that the dirty denim will be whiffy is much worse than the reality.
What, after all, would happen to the value of a house where truck-loads of whiffy waste are being dumped only a short distance away on a daily basis, whether it is for recycling, shipment, landfill, or whatever?
So get your kids to put their kit inside one of these bags with its ingenious 'pong patch' to dry and deodorise whiffy sportswear.