while away

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while away

(tr, adverb) to pass (time) idly and usually pleasantly
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Verb1.while away - spend or pass, as with boredom or in a pleasant manner; of time
spend, pass - pass time in a specific way; "how are you spending your summer vacation?"
يَقْضي الوَقْت، يَقْتُل الوَقْت
láta tímann líîa
sıkılmadan vakit geçirmek

w>while away

vt sep timesich (dat)vertreiben


(wail) conjunction
(also whilst (wailst) ).
1. during the time that. I saw him while I was out walking.
2. although. While I sympathize, I can't really do very much to help.
a space of time. It took me quite a while; It's a long while since we saw her.
while away
to pass (time) without boredom. He whiled away the time by reading.
worth one's while
worth one's time and trouble. It's not worth your while reading this book, because it isn't accurate.
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