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 (wĭm′pər, hwĭm′-)
v. whim·pered, whim·per·ing, whim·pers
1. To cry or sob with soft intermittent sounds; whine.
2. To complain.
To utter in a whimper.
A low, broken, sobbing sound; a whine.

[Probably imitative.]

whim′per·er n.
whim′per·ing·ly adv.


A. ADJ [dog] → que gime, que gimotea; [sick person] → que gime; [child] → lloriqueante
B. N [of dog] → gemidos mpl, gimoteo m; [of sick person] → gemidos mpl; [of child] → lloriqueo m


1. n (of person) → gemiti mpl, piagnucolio; (of dog) → mugolio
2. adj (see n) → gemente, piagnucoloso/a, mugolante
References in classic literature ?
When she passed he made a noise like a small dog whimpering.
repeated Hawkeye, with singular and ill-concealed disdain; "do you take me for a whimpering boy at the apronstring of one of your old gals; and this good rifle on my knee for the feather of a goose's wing, my ox's horn for a bottle of ink, and my leathern pouch for a cross-barred handkercher to carry my dinner?
He would lie and scream for hours, almost in convulsions; and then, when he was worn out, he would lie whimpering and wailing in his torment.
said the salesman; "no whimpering here,--the sale is going to begin.
After a long time the rain let up, but the clouds stayed, and the lightning kept whimpering, and by and by a flash showed us a black thing ahead, floating, and we made for it.
She hit his head a thump with her thimble as we dodged by, and he let on to be whimpering as we struck for the stairs.
It would wail in its cradle all night long--not screaming heartily like any other child, but whimpering and moaning.
said he, in a whimpering miserable way; "let me get to work.
Gummidge, whimpering and shaking her head, applied herself to blowing the fire.
Having thus cleared the way for my expedition to Miss Havisham's, I set off by the early morning coach before it was yet light, and was out on the open country-road when the day came creeping on, halting and whimpering and shivering, and wrapped in patches of cloud and rags of mist, like a beggar.
He was soothing the buffaloes now by voice, and Akela had dropped far to the rear, only whimpering once or twice to hurry the rear-guard.
Having now, as he thought, balanced this little account of friendship, the captain was about to shift his saddle to this noble gift-horse when the affectionate patriarch plucked him by the sleeve, and introduced to him a whimpering, whining, leathern-skinned old squaw, that might have passed for an Egyptian mummy, without drying.