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Noun1.Whinberry - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berrieswhinberry - erect European blueberry having solitary flowers and blue-black berries
European blueberry, whortleberry, bilberry - blue-black berries similar to American blueberries
blueberry, blueberry bush - any of numerous shrubs of the genus Vaccinium bearing blueberries
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TRAFFORD: Sinderland Lane, Barrington Road, Park Road, Whinberry Road, Barberry Close, Seamons Road, Altrincham; Park Road, Timperley; Brooks Drive, Hale Barns.
The neighbour called the fire brigade after seeing an unattended smoking pan at a house on Whinberry Place at Birstall on Saturday night at around 10.
Maria Clarke, now of Whinberry Drive, Kirkby, must pay back nearly PS19,000 within three months.
The title is illustrated with stunning photography, accompanying 80-plus recipes for all seasons, including lamb with laver and orange sauce, Powis cheese pudding, whinberry and apple pie and Welsh caKes.
Recorder Elwen Evans QC told Tulloch, of Whinberry Way, St Fagans, that he had the police officer in the case to thank for him being able to walk out of court yesterday instead of being taken to the cells.
For a summer treat why not plant the Highbush Blueberry, related to our own whinberry, but as an import from America that much larger.
TRY local delicacies like whinberry fruit pie - it's absolutely delicious.
Maria Clarke, of Whinberry Drive, Kirkby, admitted concealing, disguising converting or transferring criminal property.
Suitably protected she collects pounds of an elusive berry referred to in the 19th century as black-hearts and since then named everything from whinberry, winberry, windberry, wimberry and myrtle blueberry to fraughan.
Westfield Park in St Fagans includes the streets of Celadine Road, Butterbur Place, Ramsoms Way, Fescue Place, Marguerites Way, Yarrow Close, Whinberry Way, Crosswells Way and Vervain Close.
She remembered going to the farm, taking a whinberry tart as a gift, but she was greeted by a servant girl who came out into the yard, barring the doorway behind her.