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 (wĭnj, hwĭnj)
intr.v. whinged, whing·ing, whing·es Chiefly British
To complain or protest, especially in an annoying or persistent manner.

[Dialectal alteration of Middle English whinsen, from Old English hwinsian.]

whing′er n.
whing′ing·ly adv.


[ˈwɪndʒəʳ] N (Brit) → quejica mf, llorica mf


hwɪndʒər] n (British)râleur/euse m/f
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``Fye on you, why do you not strike your whingers into me, or blow me up with a barrel of powder, rather than torture me thus unmercifully?'' upon which the Earl commanded Alexander Richard, one of his attendants, to stop the patient's mouth with a napkin, which was done accordingly.
Hold on to that fresh-as-a-spring daffodil positivity and don't become a Welsh Whinger.
How dare she insinuate that I am a whinger or a spoilt child just because I had the audacity to complain about Birmingham social services.
Maybe it's time to take a leaf from your own act, MaBy's book, and remember - everyone loves a winner - no-one loves a whinger.
We then thought he'd taken leave of his senses by posing for a fantasy wedding shoot with Big Brother whinger Nikki Grahame, but now Andy, 28, seems to have found love for real with a mystery brunette only known as Lydia.
Sophie, on the other hand, was an awful whinger on that reality TV programme - all she seemed to be interested in was me, me, me.
I'LL go bloody nuts if I hear just one more whinger bemoaning the injustice of benefits recipients "working for free" under Coalition reforms.
IT seems sorry truly is the hardest word for that eternal whinger Antonio Cassano.
INSIDER raised barely an eyebrow at reports that Love Island whinger Lee Otway has split with fellow castaway Kate Lawler and taken up with glamour girl Jakki Degg.
The Huddersfield hulk has managed to make herself even more unpopular than the bikini-loving whinger, and was yesterday backed from 11-10 to as short as 8-15 to get her marching orders.
"It's a really bad way to start our university career," says one whinger.
.YOUR correspondent M T Hancock must be the number one whinger in this city (for his criticism of proposed congestion charges).