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 (wīn, hwīn)
v. whined, whin·ing, whines
1. To produce a sustained, high-pitched, plaintive sound, as in pain, fear, or complaint.
2. To complain or protest in a childish or annoying fashion: fans who are always whining about the poor officiating.
3. To produce a sustained noise of high pitch: jet engines whining.
To utter with a whine.
1. The act of whining: the dog's whine for food.
2. A whining sound: the whine of the dentist's drill.
3. A complaint uttered in a sustained, high-pitched tone: decided to ignore the children's whines.

[Middle English whinen, from Old English hwīnan, to make a whizzing sound.]

whin′er n.
whin′ing·ly adv.
whin′y, whin′ey adj.
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adj, whinier or whiniest
1. high-pitched and plaintive
2. peevish; complaining
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or whin•ey

(ˈʰwaɪ ni, ˈwaɪ-)

adj. whin•i•er, whin•i•est.
complaining; cranky.
whin′i•ness, n.
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Adj.1.whiny - habitually complaining; "a whiny child"
complaining, complaintive - expressing pain or dissatisfaction of resentment; "a complaining boss"
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whiney hwaɪni] adjgeignard(e)
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Some of the fractures within Team Arrow also feel slightly contrived and tend not to last long, making Amell's cohorts come across as whiny troublemakers.
He associates the acronym for "Jewish American Princess" with the blatantly misogynist jokes his youth, which played on stereotypes of the Jewish woman as basically the worst kind of wife, a frigid, whiny, overspender: "What does a JAP make for dinner?
THE French have been moaning about Australia's physicality, but Les Bleus are whiny so-and-sos.
Some readers might interpret Alice as being fun and cute, while some may see her as whiny and spoiled.
In the show, Ed will tackle the question of whether we are all filled with righteous anger at a world gone wrong or are we all just a bunch of whiny little brats?
Dead town centres, job deserts, stagnant wages - and the constant feeling that the basic things we rely on - our jobs, our savings, our homes - are not safe" - Shadow chancellor John McDonnell (pictured right) on Donald Trump's White House victory "I've always craved the support of whiny, gobby, foulmouthed, dimwit D-list has-beens" - TV's Piers Morgan hits back at singer Charlotte Church, who denounced him as a "heinous human being" "Andrew Marr can say what he likes.
"I've always craved the support of whiny, gobby, foul-mouthed, dimwit D-list has-beens" - TV's Piers Morgan hits back at singer Charlotte Church, who denounced him as a "heinous human being".
The Whiny Donor is among a handful of quirky, sometimes self-deprecating and usually anonymous social media accounts that poke fun at some aspect of the nonprofit world.
In This Unruly Mess I've Made, the hip-hop duo's followup to The Heist, if you can go past their whiny, self-critical raps or what is perceived by their naysayers as skin-deep proselytizing, the energy-fueled hooks the duo generates are good enough to keep you grooving (Downtown and Buckleshot, with KRS One and DJ Premier).
stress puppy: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiny. "I'd like to work with Patrick, but he's too much of a stress puppy.
I think Janina's whiny attitude makes the book both lively and energetic.
Lawyer: Like this your honor *makes whiny voice* Nooo I didn't do any crimes.