whip back

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w>whip back

(spring, plank)zurückschnellen, zurückfedern
(inf: = go back quickly) → schnell (mal) zurücklaufen
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He put the whip back in its socket, took his foot from the dashboard, pushed his hat back, blew his quid of tobacco into the road, and having thus cleared his mental decks for action, he took his first good look at the passenger, a look which she met with a grave, childlike stare of friendly curiosity.
As Francois's whip backed him up, Buck found it to be cheaper to mend his ways than to retaliate.
Allegations against the "hard left" of bullying over the past months in Wirral include: | Birkenhead MP Frank Field, who quit the Labour whip back in August over perceived anti-Semitism and bullying; | Council leader Cllr Phil Davies, who announced in October he would not seek re-election in May, having hit out at "hard-line extremists who wanted to undermine the democratic mandate of Labour".
The editing zips like the zinging shots the players whip back and forth, and the well-paced sports film becomes almost a psychological thriller of sorts.
Lord Maginnis rejected an offer to get the party whip back saying in an email to Mr Nesbitt that he would only come back after a number of conditions, including him resigning as leader, were fulfilled.
It took him three years and three hours in the gym every day to whip back into shape.
"We've barely come together and when we have I've changed my whip back to my right hand.
I plucked up the courage to whip back the duvet and we were greeted by the sight of...
2) Or maybe this is the hint for me to whip back into shape (I haven't been such a good boy this winter).
But hang on a moment - wasn't Mr Mitchell a Tory Whip back in the 1990s, when the Conservative government had its own battle with rebels opposed to a controversial European treaty?
She said: "Who knows, I might take the whip back before I leave Parliament.
In experiments, Desai and his colleagues vibrated millimeter-size carbon fibers and found that they could whip back and forth like tiny fishing rods, deflecting as much as 90 degrees more than a billion times without cracking.