whip off

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w>whip off

vt sep clothesherunterreißen, vom Leib reißen; tableclothwegziehen; the wind whipped my hat offder Wind riss mir den Hut vom Kopf; a car whipped him off to the airportein Auto brachte ihn in Windeseile zum Flugplatz
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And actors dressed as Stormtroopers whip off their helmets to chat with members of the crew.
Looks like a lemon squeezer, but whip off its top and you reveal a sturdy cutting blade, and hidden in the bottom is a v-shaped tool that's perfect for getting those twists of zesty peel to decorate your whisky sour with.
"Michael will whip off his detachable shirt and trousers during his routine to reveal his cricket whites underneath," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
It's surely a let down, for "Posh boys and girls" Especially those, in the privileged world No it isn't, an embarrassment of riches Nor is it one, of those Tory Party glitches Tool number eight, is used when all else fails Just like a googly, helps whip off the bails As a new week never, starts on a Friday It's too late, simply not bona fide!
AMAZING Whittaker, 26, won't whip off his Rangers shirt after the game tomorrow to reveal a maroon shirt underneath but he revealed Hearts were the first outfit to capture his affections.
She said: "Does anyone care about the half-baked wannabes on Big Brother who whip off their clothes at the drop of a hat?"
For example, if a bowler steps up to the crease to bowl, and the batsmen his end wanders out the crease, the bowler can whip off the bails, appeal and the batsmen is out.
WELL whip off my skirt and call me Cheryl...it's Eurovision Song Contest time again.
THE stuffed shirts of FIFA have decided players who whip off their tops during goal celebrations will be booked for security reasons presumably because they believe a bare-chested player will be like a red rag to rival fans.
Five bus drivers are hoping to emulate their film heroes when they whip off their clothes Full Monty style to an audience of millions.
He's not quite the sort one can really count on to whip off a few monogrammed thank you notes after a birthday soiree, much less submit to the indomitable will of the United States.
They plan to whip off their tops every time England score!'