whip round

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w>whip round

vi (esp Brit)
(= move quickly) I’ll just whip round to the shopsich geh nur mal schnell einkaufen (inf); he whipped round when he heard …er fuhr herum, als er hörte; the car whipped round the cornerdas Auto brauste or sauste or fegte (inf)um die Ecke
(= collect money)zusammenlegen, den Hut herumgehen lassen
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References in classic literature ?
Every now and then Angel would fling the lash of his whip round one of these, pluck it off, and give it to his companion.
THE amount of Examiner coverage allocated to the eccentric Jake Mangle-Wurzel (pictured) is surely worth a whip round by the Examiner and its readers.
"The landlords should have a whip round, I'd happily donate towards paying their fines off." Graham Kidd ENTERTAINMENT: Leona Lewis has opened up about beating her depression ahead of her Sage Gateshead show.
COATED in Old Spice And looking for a whip round, Yearning for the world, To hear his sounds and songs Not just see his rights and wrongs ...
They got Sunday Brunch's Simon Rimmer - so the whip round couldn't have raised much.
The pair were initially banned from riding over the Christmas period prompting their fellow jockeys to organise a collection for them - a whip round.
However, this year, to avoid giving each other gifts they do not need, workers instead decided to have a whip round for charity.
After one do-gooder had a quiet word with security, the generous dad-of-six made a cash donation of PS700 and has even promised to order a whip round of the film crew and send more from LA.
It wasn't so much the gift itself which for that money must be at least diamond crusted and covered in Ringo's DNA but the bizarre image of someone organising the whip round.
But Mike Foster said the councillors would better help the city's inhabitants more by "having a whip round".
She hopes regulars will have a whip round to pay the fine.