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 (wĭp′sô′, hwĭp′-)
A narrow two-person crosscut saw.
tr.v. whip·sawed, whip·sawed or whip·sawn (-sôn′), whip·saw·ing, whip·saws
1. To cut with a whipsaw.
2. To cause to move or alternate rapidly in contrasting directions: "The bond market ... continues to be whipsawed by fears of rekindled inflation" (Steven E. Levingston).
3. In card games, especially poker, for two players to raise and re-raise with one or more players in between who must call the raises in order to stay in the game.
4. To defeat or best in two ways at once.
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(Tools) any saw with a flexible blade, such as a bandsaw
vb (tr) , -saws, -sawing, -sawed, -sawed or -sawn
1. (Tools) to saw with a whipsaw
2. US to defeat in two ways at once
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(ˈʰwɪpˌsɔ, ˈwɪp-)

n., v. -sawed, -sawed -sawn, -saw•ing. n.
1. a saw for two persons, used to divide timbers lengthwise.
2. to cut with a whipsaw.
3. to win two bets from (a person) at one turn or play, as at faro.
4. to subject to two opposing forces at the same time.
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Past participle: whipsawn
Gerund: whipsawing

I whipsaw
you whipsaw
he/she/it whipsaws
we whipsaw
you whipsaw
they whipsaw
I whipsawed
you whipsawed
he/she/it whipsawed
we whipsawed
you whipsawed
they whipsawed
Present Continuous
I am whipsawing
you are whipsawing
he/she/it is whipsawing
we are whipsawing
you are whipsawing
they are whipsawing
Present Perfect
I have whipsawn
you have whipsawn
he/she/it has whipsawn
we have whipsawn
you have whipsawn
they have whipsawn
Past Continuous
I was whipsawing
you were whipsawing
he/she/it was whipsawing
we were whipsawing
you were whipsawing
they were whipsawing
Past Perfect
I had whipsawn
you had whipsawn
he/she/it had whipsawn
we had whipsawn
you had whipsawn
they had whipsawn
I will whipsaw
you will whipsaw
he/she/it will whipsaw
we will whipsaw
you will whipsaw
they will whipsaw
Future Perfect
I will have whipsawn
you will have whipsawn
he/she/it will have whipsawn
we will have whipsawn
you will have whipsawn
they will have whipsawn
Future Continuous
I will be whipsawing
you will be whipsawing
he/she/it will be whipsawing
we will be whipsawing
you will be whipsawing
they will be whipsawing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been whipsawing
you have been whipsawing
he/she/it has been whipsawing
we have been whipsawing
you have been whipsawing
they have been whipsawing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been whipsawing
you will have been whipsawing
he/she/it will have been whipsawing
we will have been whipsawing
you will have been whipsawing
they will have been whipsawing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been whipsawing
you had been whipsawing
he/she/it had been whipsawing
we had been whipsawing
you had been whipsawing
they had been whipsawing
I would whipsaw
you would whipsaw
he/she/it would whipsaw
we would whipsaw
you would whipsaw
they would whipsaw
Past Conditional
I would have whipsawn
you would have whipsawn
he/she/it would have whipsawn
we would have whipsawn
you would have whipsawn
they would have whipsawn
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.whipsaw - a saw with handles at both endswhipsaw - a saw with handles at both ends; intended for use by two people
pitsaw - a large two-handed saw formerly used to cut logs into planks; one man stood above the log and the other in a pit below
saw - hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting
Verb1.whipsaw - victimize, especially in gambling or negotiations
cheat, rip off, chisel - deprive somebody of something by deceit; "The con-man beat me out of $50"; "This salesman ripped us off!"; "we were cheated by their clever-sounding scheme"; "They chiseled me out of my money"
2.whipsaw - saw with a whipsaw
saw - cut with a saw; "saw wood for the fireplace"
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[ˈwɪpsɔː] Nsierra f cabrilla
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References in classic literature ?
When we get to Lake Linderman, and the trees are chopped and whipsawed into planks, I'll boss the building of the boat.
They've got us whipsawed. Look at Frisco, the labor leaders doin' dirtier polities than the old parties, pawin' an' squabblin' over graft, an' goin' to San Quentin, while--what are the Frisco carpenters doin'?
Summer arrived, and dogs and men packed on their backs, rafted across blue mountain lakes, and descended or ascended unknown rivers in slender boats whipsawed from the standing forest.
Freight volumes finished the week slightly lower as financial markets whipsawed back and forth on fears of an escalating trade war between the U.S.
The move to ease the cost of borrowing was well telegraphed and meant to inoculate against global risks washing onto American shores, but financial markets were whipsawed by confusion over whether another cut would be coming.
The Greenback has been whipsawed lately by shifting market expectations over the scope of next week's widely expected Fed rate cut.
THE S&P 500 and the Nasdaq closed higher in a broad-based rally yesterday as investors looked to the G20 summit in Osaka, Japan this weekend for progress in the long-running US-China trade dispute, which has whipsawed markets for months.
equities were whipsawed after the ECB pushed out its rate hike further into the future and extended TLTRO loans as rumored.
Affordability remains a challenge for consumers who have also been whipsawed by stock markets, the trade war and a government shutdown.
"Sentiment can be fickle in times like these, so it's important to not get whipsawed."
Tesla shares whipsawed this month after Chief Executive Elon Musk on Aug.
Tribune News Service THE nation and the world shouldn't have to tolerate being whipsawed by a mercurial American president who has never seemed to grasp the importance of policy discipline and consistency.