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 (wûr′lĭ-gĭg′, hwûr′-)
1. Any of various spinning toys.
2. A carousel; a merry-go-round.
3. Something that continuously whirls.
4. A whirligig beetle.

[Middle English whirlegigge : whirlen, whirl; see whirl + -gigge, something that rotates (possibly of Scandinavian origin; akin to gig).]
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1. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) any spinning toy, such as a top
2. another name for merry-go-round
3. anything that whirls about, spins, or moves in a circular or giddy way: the whirligig of social life.
4. (Other Non-sporting Hobbies) another name for windmill3
[C15: whirlegigge, from whirl + gig1]
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(ˈʰwɜr lɪˌgɪg, ˈwɜr-)

1. something that whirls or revolves.
2. a whirling motion or course.
3. a flighty person.
4. a merry-go-round; carousel.
5. a toy for whirling or spinning, as a top.
Also called whirl•a•bout (ˈʰwɜrl əˌbaʊt)
[1400–50; late Middle English whirlegigge. See whirl, gig1]
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Noun1.whirligig - a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spinwhirligig - a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin; "he got a bright red top and string for his birthday"
humming top - a top that makes a humming noise as it spins
peg top - a pear-shaped top made of wood with a metal center pin
plaything, toy - an artifact designed to be played with
whip top, whipping top - a top that is spun by whipping
2.whirligig - a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusementwhirligig - a large, rotating machine with seats for children to ride or amusement
ride - a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement
Verb1.whirligig - whirl or spin like a whirligig
spin, spin around, gyrate, reel, whirl - revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis; "The dervishes whirl around and around without getting dizzy"
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[ˈwɜːlɪgɪg] N
1. (= toy) → molinete m
2. (= merry-go-round) → tiovivo m
3. (also whirligig beetle) → girino m
4. (fig) → vicisitudes fpl; (= confusion) → movimiento m confuso
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n (= top)Kreisel m; (= roundabout)Karussell nt, → Ringelspiel nt; (fig)(ewiges) Wechselspiel nt
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References in classic literature ?
While the Miss Schlegels were together he had felt them scarcely human--a sort of admonitory whirligig. But a Miss Schlegel alone was different.
I was aboard of one of Rodney’s fleet, dye see, about the time we licked De Grasse, Mounsheer Lor Quaw’s countryman, there; and the wind was here at the south’ard and east'ard; and I was below, mixing a toothful of hot stuff for the captain of marines, who dined, dye see, in the cabin, that there very same day; and I suppose he wanted to put out the captain’s fire with a gun-room ingyne; and so, just as I got it to my own liking, after tasting pretty often, for the soldier was difficult to please, slap came the foresail agin’ the mast, whiz went the ship round on her heel, like a whirligig. And a lucky thing was it that our helm was down; for as she gathered starnway she paid off, which was more than every ship in the fleet did, or could do.
But what mainly occasioned a righteous indignation was, that the scoundrelly popinjay, while he cut a fandango here, and a whirligig there, did not seem to have the remotest idea in the world of such a thing as keeping time in his steps.
First, the big dog, barking at intervals; then the good-natured Irishman, trundling "that divil of a whirligig," as he disrespectfully called the idolized velocipede; then the wounded hero, supported by the helpful Polly; and Maud brought up the rear in tears, bearing Tom's cap.
"Prascovia," began the Grandmother, "is what I have just heard through a side wind true--namely, that this fool of a stepfather of yours is going to marry that silly whirligig of a Frenchwoman--that actress, or something worse?
Oh, well-a-day and lack-a-day, the whirligig of time and fortune, the topsyturviness of luck, the wooden shoe going up and the polished heel descending a French gunboat, a conquered island kingdom of Oceania, to-day ruled over by a peasant-born, unlettered, colonial gendarme, and .
"Come; explain to me quickly what is the meaning of this little whirligig, so delicately wrought that it might be a plaything for Queen Mab.
The tears were all gone, however, and she was watching the hill and island answer each other with what Jamie called "whizzers, whirligigs and busters," and smiling as she thought how hard the boys must be working to keep up such a steady fire, when Uncle Mac came walking in upon her, saying hurriedly
In his hand he swayed a ferule, that sceptre of despotic power; the birch of justice reposed on three nails behind the throne, a constant terror to evil doers, while on the desk before him might be seen sundry contraband articles and prohibited weapons, detected upon the persons of idle urchins, such as half-munched apples, popguns, whirligigs, fly-cages, and whole legions of rampant little paper game-cocks.
The evening ceilidh kicks of at 7pm led by ceilidh group Whirligig who feature Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Ruth Morris (fiddle/nyckelharpa and dance calling) and Pete Garnett (accordion).
What sort of creature is a whirligig? A A shrew B An Australian frog C A water beetle D Amoth
A killer who chopped off his teenage girlfriend's head with a whirligig clothes pole has died in hospital.