whirling dervish

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Noun1.whirling dervish - a dervish whose actions include ecstatic dancing and whirling
dervish - an ascetic Muslim monk; a member of an order noted for devotional exercises involving bodily movements
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WHIRLING DERVISH should be tough to beat in today's Killarney feature, the K.W.D.
Whirling Dervish 5.40 Gowran Park 1pt win The McEnery Cup Handicap is as competitive as you would expect and, among the healthy contingent of three-year-olds, the unexposed Whirling Dervish could be the one to be on for the in-form duo of Jessica Harrington and Colm O'Donoghue.
TJ Dawe, director and co-creator of One Man Star Wars Trilogy and One Man Lord of the Rings, has enlisted whirling dervish Kerry Ipema to bring all the characters to life as they brunch, banter and swoon over men.
Ziya Azazi (Photo courtesy of CCDC media office) Azazi's recent workshops conducted in Egypt were inspired by whirling dervish techniques, tango, and a hint of contemporary dance.
The whirling dervish, also known as Mawlawiyyah, Mevleviyah, TurkishMevleviyah, Mawlawy1/2yah,thedancing dervish, and Turkish tanura, is a Sufi doctrine established in Konya, Anatolia by the Persian Sufi poet, Galal El-Din Rumi.
"The Budget has been prey to more spin than a whirling dervish in a washing machine" - Shadow leader of the Commons Chris Bryant.
It's way more profound than you can imagine" Campaigning chef Jamie Oliver gets carried away by the Budget tax on sugary drinks "The Budget has been prey to more spin than a whirling dervish in a washing machine" Shadow leader of the Commons Chris Bryant "Noel Coward said work is more fun than fun, but then he didn't work in the Birds Eye factory packing frozen fish fingers nine hours a day, did he?" Comic Paul O'Grady "Groups of teenage girls on crowded buses.
FOO FIGHTERS: Stadium of Light, Sunderland TUESDAY .CHARLIE DANCER: Mixtape, The Keys, Middlesbrough free before 10pm/PS2 after THURSDAY .GNOME INVASION, VILLAGE GREEN, PINWHEEL : Whirling Dervish, TSONE, Middlesbrough, free
To run around like a whirling dervish, karate-kick the corner flag, rip off his shirt and hurl it to the ground as if it was a contaminated dishcloth, are not the marks of a mature, professional man or, indeed, someone who is thinking straight.
As a whirling dervish spins, his long skirt can form mesmerizing shapes such as a three-faced pyramid that rotates more slowly than its wearer.
shhhdat Russell Brand is dating heiress Jemima Khan and hinted of his monogamous devotion to her in a recent article, saying: "I'm not typically immune to the allure of objectified women but I'm presently beleaguered by a nerdish, whirling dervish and am eschewing all others.