whisk broom

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whisk′ broom`

a small short-handled broom used chiefly to brush clothes.
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Noun1.whisk broom - a small short-handled broom used to brush clotheswhisk broom - a small short-handled broom used to brush clothes
broom - a cleaning implement for sweeping; bundle of straws or twigs attached to a long handle
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Every room in the brick house was as neat as wax, and she had only to pull up the shades, go over the floors with a whisk broom, and dust the furniture.
If the material is too short, you can use it for a whisk broom later.
For all his success in America, Whitney derived much pleasure from racing in Europe, just as his grandfather and uncle had before him - grandfather William Collins Whitney leased the 1901 Derby winner Volodyovski while Harry Payne Whitney raced the 1913 2,0 Guineas third Whisk Broom II.
Also, each worker and his whisk broom to clean up spilled molding compounds.
I survived 30 years as a cop and had no intention of becoming frozen road pizza for some New Hampshire State Trooper to scrape off the roadway with an ice pick, whisk broom and snow shovel.
It's like you have a little whisk broom, and you're taking it into all the corners of your consciousness.
Portland-based Construction Management General Contractors is overseeing the project, and on Tuesday, superintendent Steve Stearns looked much like an umpire, sans whisk broom, as he brushed the rubber pellets off home plate.
Only later did Froemming discover that he had to pay for two uniforms, a whisk broom to clean the plate, plus a ball and strike indicator.