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Adj.1.Whiskerless - having no beardwhiskerless - having no beard      
shaved, shaven - having the beard or hair cut off close to the skin
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SECURE as I tried to feel in my change of costume, my cropped hair, and my whiskerless cheeks, I kept well away from the coach-window, when the dinner at the inn was over and the passengers were called to take their places again.
They thought they had astutely identified the mystery face in the picture round as that of a whiskerless John McCririck.
Cheryl's flawless, whiskerless face creased into a puzzled frown.
In experiments, whiskerless cats repeatedly missed their prey when springing for it.
I decided to become a dedicated duck hunter, and my whiskerless ingenuity kicked in to help me.
Turning 18 on July 23, the still whiskerless Daniel Radcliffe struggles to impart any emotion into Potter, the character he's grown up with.