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 (wĭs′kər, hwĭs′-)
a. whiskers The hair on a man's cheeks and chin.
b. A single hair of a beard or mustache.
2. One of the long stiff tactile bristles or hairs that grow near the mouth and elsewhere on the head of most mammals; a vibrissa.
3. Informal A narrow margin; a hairsbreadth: The candidate lost the election by a whisker.
4. Nautical One of two spars or booms projecting from the side of a bowsprit for spreading the jib or flying-jib guys.
5. Chemistry An extremely fine filamentary crystal with extraordinary tensile strength and unusual electrical or surface properties.

[Middle English wisker, anything that whisks, from wisken, to whisk; see whisk.]

whisk′ered, whisk′er·y adj.


adj, -skerier or -skeriest
1. having whiskers
2. old; unkempt
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Adj.1.whiskery - having hair on the cheeks and chinwhiskery - having hair on the cheeks and chin  
unshaved, unshaven - not shaved
ذو شَوارِب
meî vangaskegg/veiîihár
bradatýfúzatýs bokombradami


adj manschnurrbärtig; facebärtig, stoppelig; kisskratzend


(ˈwiskə) noun
1. in plural a man's moustache, beard and/or sideburns.
2. (usually in plural) one of the long hairs between the nose and the mouth of a cat etc.
ˈwhiskered, ˈwhiskery adjective
miss etc by a whisker
to manage only barely to miss etc.
References in classic literature ?
Why, you whiskery old skunk, you ain't got the grit to shoot sour apples," was Billy's answer.
Previously only ever thought of for their comedy value as the Jimmy Edwards of the animal kingdom, Blue Planet II (the programme's title was the only unimaginative thing about it) showed the harshness of life amidst the melting polar ice caps for these whiskery beasts whose overbites would make even Ken Dodd blush.
And I'll never forget the morning one lifted its big, gray, whiskery face out of the water, just inches away, and we stared at each other for a long, thrilling moment of interspecies communion.
What did they think when they looked at Rui, his squashed nose, his whiskery ears, the humble bend in his back?
Then his older colleague joined the conversation with that whiskery old argument that there's no point voting for x because only y or z are going to get in.
The state government in Bihar, India, which has banned the sale of alcohol in a bid to cut crime and poverty, said it was the "most absurd claim that has ever been made" and believe black market sales are more likely than whiskery drunks making off with the loot.
My colleague Rod, pictured above, was mobbed by folk desperate to tickle his whiskery chin.
Rarely a day when the corners of his mustache weren't twisted into whiskery horns.
This time he was sporting whiskery sideburns and a white apron for his latest role.
A week on the box with Saturday's Anna Burnside Mrs Brown's Boys Live BBC1, Saturday There's nothing original about Brendan O'Carroll's whiskery comedy.
Does the man who, in the relative safety of mob anonymity, stands howling vituperation at a little Negro girl being conducted into a school building, feel himself at one with those gaunt, barefoot, whiskery scarecrows who fought it out, breast to breast, to the death, at the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania in May, 1864?
In She Was In No Hurry to Be Married Again, 2013--Gianakos's comic titles, though not crucial to his paintings' effects, as the captions of cartoons are, do add to and reinforce them Snow White cozies up to Rumpelstiltskin, or perhaps to an ore from the Lord of the Rings, but frowns as she tentatively puts her tongue to his whiskery lip.