whiskey jug

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Noun1.whiskey jug - a jug that contains whiskeywhiskey jug - a jug that contains whiskey    
jug - a large bottle with a narrow mouth
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A drunk man, crossing over a mill pond, falls in and loses his whiskey jug. Some time later, fishing in the same pond, he reels in the jug and discovers, to his amazement, a catfish entirely occupying the inside, its body grotesquely contorted so as to fill even the jug's hollow curved handle.
and a whiskey jug marked with the letters "xxx." She had
Unearthing nay second prize of the evening, I brushed the dirt off the antique whiskey jug. It was in perfect condition, without a scratch.
Whereas Meyers' surfaces are sharp and expressive, Long's Whiskey Jug and Flask flow as if slathered with cream.