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Noun1.whisky sour - a sour made with whiskeywhisky sour - a sour made with whiskey    
whiskey, whisky - a liquor made from fermented mash of grain
sour - a cocktail made of a liquor (especially whiskey or gin) mixed with lemon or lime juice and sugar
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On food and drink: "If we didn't have thumbs we could never enjoy eating a sandwich" and "Currently sucking the life out of a Whisky sour or is it the other way round?
Changing tastes mean it is now likely to be replaced with cocktails like Whisky Sour and Espresso Martini, a poll of 1,500 found.
It was a variation of a whisky sour, and they presented it in a cut glass with a slice of lemon floating at the top and pink luminescent edible pearls sprinkled on the top.
Philippe is the master mixer in every sense - he also makes the meanest whisky sour I ever drank.
Drink it with The words, 'Anyone else getting Christmas tree needles?' (That's honestly one of the botanicals in there.) M&S Spiced ced Clementine ine 2 Whisky Sour, PS12 Why buy?
The assorted collection, meanwhile, has a Gin & Tonic and an Elderflower Spritz plus two vodka blends - a Rhuby Mule with the addition of ginger and rhubarb; and a Long Island High Tea - alongside two rum (a Berry Daquiri and Spiced Rum) plus two whisky infusions: a classic Whisky Sour, including grapefruit, and a Godson which adds amaretto to the blend.
As he mixed up a plethora of his signature whisky- based cocktails -- Mint Julep, Manhattan, Whisky Sour -- he remarked that there was a time when whisky in India meant just one brand, namely Johnny Walker, while globally, blended scotch whisky was becoming became popular.
And with flavours such as whisky sour, mixed berry daiquiri and violet-infused G and T, each pastille contains around 7% alcohol - the equivalent of half a shotglass of spirits.
A g ood example would be a whisky sour - a sweet and sharp combination of flavours to get people's palates going." (Recipe at the end if you fancy trying.) So what about the main, with the haggis?
Talisker HERE'S Donald's whisky sour, to tickle your palate.
Having spent much of last summer testing her recipes on family and friends, she has now finalised a range of five Tipsy Pud's, including Merry Berry Pie, Mojito Cheesecake and Whisky Sour, which she launched earlier in February at the bi-monthly Boilershop Steam event in Newcastle.