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Noun1.whistle-stop tour - a tour by a candidate as part of a political campaign in which a series of small towns are visited; "in 1948 Truman crossed the country several times on his whistle-stop tours"
tour, circuit - a journey or route all the way around a particular place or area; "they took an extended tour of Europe"; "we took a quick circuit of the park"; "a ten-day coach circuit of the island"
campaigning, candidacy, candidature, electioneering, political campaign - the campaign of a candidate to be elected
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Event mascot ToBi has been on a whistle-stop tour taking in six schools and Aberdeen City Council bosses have also picked 20 junior mascots to represent the elite teams on the day, with pupils from Stoneywood, Hazlehead, Bramble Brae, Mile End, Gilcomstoun and Skene Square selected to take part this year.
Not wild about the fake fights IN case you had not noticed, to promote their December 1 meeting in Los Angeles, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have been on a whistle-stop tour, taking in England, Spain and the States.
Harry and Meghan took a whistle-stop tour of Sussex, kicking off with a trip to Edes House in Chichester.
The Prime Minister made a fleeting appearance at a parent and toddler group in Northumberland before heading off on the next leg of a whistle-stop tour of the UK exactly one year from this country's EU departure date of March 29, 2019.
THE Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of Birmingham on Wednesday, including a trip to the city's famous Acme Whistle Company.
With a little help from our friends at some of Huddersfield's finest restaurants, we'll take you on a whistle-stop tour of world cuisine and where to find it on your doorstep.
The whistle-stop tour will showcase tracks from third album Love Frequency, out on June 2.
Gulf News photographer Oliver Clarke spent 12 days in his car, in a tent, and literally under the sun and stars to produce a seven-minute photo timelapse intercut with videos to "give a whistle-stop tour of the things that can be seen in the seven emirates".
COMEDIAN Eddie Izzard was in Cardiff Bay yesterday afternoon as part of a four-day whistle-stop tour of the UK supporting the Yes to AV campaign ahead of Thursday's referendum.
Driving a car loaned by Nissan Teesside, the Rev Bruce Carlin of St Chad's, Stockton, and the Rev David Baxter from Carlisle toured every cathedral in England in a whistle-stop tour covering 1,975 miles.
Greens Health and Fitness Club in Gosforth, Newcastle, will be visited by Roy Jones Jnr as part of his whistle-stop tour of the country.