white Burgundy

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Noun1.white Burgundy - dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling itwhite Burgundy - dry white table wine of Chablis, France or a wine resembling it
white wine - pale yellowish wine made from white grapes or red grapes with skins removed before fermentation
Burgundy wine, Burgundy - red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)
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Sir Patrick enjoyed his mutton, and entered on a long and interesting narrative of the history of some rare white Burgundy on the table imported by himself.
Exceptional white Burgundy sometimes comes at an exceptional cost but there are appellations that represent great value and none more so than the Maconnais to the south of Burgundy.
ISPENT much of this week musing over WTO tariffs and what to do if you love white Burgundy but aren't sufficiently remunerated to drink much of it.
White Burgundy ranges from regional Bourgogne Blanc, whose quality is dependent on the producer, to light, crisp Macon, steely, energetic Chablis, nutty Meursault, and the very rich, layered, opulent, and complex Montrachet.
| Berry Bros & Rudd White Burgundy 2017 by Collovray & Terrier, France (PS12.50, Berry Bros & Rudd).
But steak tartare is great with white Burgundy (French chardonnay).
Hot vintage White Burgundy Is another thought, but that seems too varietally particular.
But when Californians get theirs right it can be sublime in the same way as good white Burgundy.
Match: Booths White Burgundy - PS9.70 Matt says: Chardonnay produces rich, yet understated wines with notes of citrus, white peach and vanilla.
2014 Tesco Finest* Vire Clesse (PS11 at Tesco) Christmas lunch calls for modest budget flexibility and this classy white Burgundy certainly justifies an extra pound or two.
I have a friend that always brings a white Burgundy to any dinner just to start and then turns to red wine for the rest of the evening.
I like all kinds of wines, however my preferences are red Bordeaux, white Burgundy and Riesling.