white belt

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white′ belt′

1. a white cloth waistband worn by a beginner in a martial art.
2. a beginner in a martial art.
Compare black belt (def. 1), brown belt.
white′-belt`, adj.
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Its members will be distinguished by a red ribbon worn across the shoulder, and the mayor of the city will wear a white belt as well.
To achieve a black belt in WTF Taekwondo takes a lot of hard work and all three of them have worked really hard to get there and in doing so became our first students we've taught from white belt all the way to black.
Summary: UAE's white belt Mohammed Al Matrooshi won the gold medal in the 55kg category
Makin has practiced judo since the age of eight and has progressed up the grades very quickly, achieving his first dan black belt at the age of 18 and carrying on through five levels of black belt until he was awarded his sixth dan white belt aged 36.
1 - Acquisition of hosiery and underwear herds Border Police 1 short sleeve blouse shirt, white belt to the termination men: min.
Local star Nasser Omar Al Braiki's hopes of winning a gold in front of the home fans was dashed by Olzhas Nurtakanov of Kazak in the White Belt Open category on Tuesday.
The prosecutor said Mustafa wore a white belt laden with cylinders.
There's stripes, a There's stripes, a feather print, a contrast skirt, a white belt and two-toned sleeves
Now all the surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation lay behind me, and I stood with a white bald head and a white belt with a karate instructor before me.
What: 3 Month BJJ White Belt Fundamentals Course with Master Marco Alvan
The young star was dressed elegantly in a vintage style blue and white polka dotted dress from Asos, earrings from Viange, a white belt and white pointed toe heels.