white rhinoceros

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Noun1.white rhinoceros - large light-grey African rhinoceros having two hornswhite rhinoceros - large light-grey African rhinoceros having two horns; endangered; sometimes placed in genus Diceros
rhino, rhinoceros - massive powerful herbivorous odd-toed ungulate of southeast Asia and Africa having very thick skin and one or two horns on the snout
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Like a dado round the room was the jutting line of splendid heavy game-heads, the best of their sort from every quarter of the world, with the rare white rhinoceros of the Lado Enclave drooping its supercilious lip above them all.
"I got that big fellow with it." He glanced up at the white rhinoceros. "Ten more yards, and he'd would have added me to HIS collection.
We were lucky to see three of the five on our first game drive a pair of white rhinoceros, the Cape buffalo and elephants (including some giraffes and zebras).
The world's last male northern white rhinoceros, a 45-year-old named Sudan, died last year in Kenya, leaving only the two surviving female members of the species.
White rhinos usually live to about 35 - 50 years of age - the Giza Zoo's Facebook CAIRO -- 25 March 2019: Giza Zoological Garden announced Sunday a white rhinoceros died at 54 years of age at Giza Zoo after it surpassed the usual life span of white rhinos, according to a statement published on the garden's Facebook page.
The species are: African elephant, African lion, black rhinoceros, white rhinoceros, Jentink's duiker, plains zebra, mountain zebra, hippopotamus, and striped hyena.
Selected ready to wear and bag styles feature illustrations of threatened animal species symbolic of gentle strength: the Northern White Rhinoceros, the Asian Elephant, the Blue Whale and the Giant Panda.
Curtis and Heussaff headed to Kenya on Friday, following their adventure in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, Zambia where they witnessed white rhinoceros.
The last male northern white rhinoceros died, a plane flew non-stop from Australia to the UK for the first time ever, it looks like North Korea may be willing to denuclearise and make peace with its southern rival.
"Our results indicate that ART (assisted reproduction techniques) could be a viable strategy to rescue genes from the iconic, almost extinct, northern white rhinoceros," the team wrote in the journal Nature Communications.
Northern White Rhinoceros (NWR), the world's most endangered mammal species, is on the brink of extinction, but recently, a group of scientists described a way that could prove critical in saving them.