white seabass

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Noun1.white seabass - a species of large perch noted for its sporting and eating qualities; lives in marine, estuary, and freshwater habitats
genus Lates, Lates - a genus of large percoid fishes of fresh and brackish water
fish species - a species of fish
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Michael Cimarusti, the chef of Cape Seafood & Provisions, said, "Try local catches like black cod, vermillion rockfish, yellowtail - especially the collars - and white seabass, all great on the grill."
million pounds--of yellowtail jack, white seabass, and striped bass per
Abstract.--The white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, is a commercially important member of the Sciaenidae that has experienced historic exploitation by fisheries off the coast of southern California.
The white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, is of special interest to Florida anglers as it is in the same family (Sciaenidae) as our spotted seatrout.
Abstract--To better understand the seasonal movement patterns of adult white seabass (Atractoscion nobilis), 173 depth-and temperature-sensitive data storage tags were deployed at various sites within the Southern California Bight during 2008-2011.
If you're lucky, you see an elusive white seabass, or a halibut, or a yellowtail.
In Hagerman, Idaho, ARS fish physiologist Rick B arrows is tasked with formulating and manufacturing feeds for several fish species, including trout, salmon, white seabass, and yellowtail.
Large sheephead, halibut, and white seabass are all well-represented in the waters off California and make for fantastic eating.
Chilean seabass, black seabass and white seabass are not all seabass; so, be sure to ask your seafood seller or server exactly what kind of fish you're buying.
Histopathological alterations of white seabass Lates calcarifer, in acute and subchronic cadmium exposure.
White seabass (like spotted seatrout on steroids) have been in a recovery phase for ten years; a 2009 stock assessment by the Dept.