white sheep

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Noun1.white sheep - large white wild sheep of northwestern Canada and Alaskawhite sheep - large white wild sheep of northwestern Canada and Alaska
genus Ovis, Ovis - sheep
wild sheep - undomesticated sheep
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From the facts collected by Heusinger, it appears that white sheep and pigs are differently affected from coloured individuals by certain vegetable poisons.
Here were different sights from what one saw in the forest; hedgerows, broad fields of barley corn, pasture lands rolling upward till they met the sky and all dotted over with flocks of white sheep, hayfields whence came the odor of new-mown hay that lay in smooth swathes over which skimmed the swifts in rapid flight; such they saw, and different was it, I wot, from the tangled depths of the sweet woodlands, but full as fair.
Right under us a narrow ledge rose up out of the valley, with a green, slanting, bench-shaped top, and grouped about upon this green-baize bench were a lot of black and white sheep which looked merely like oversized worms.
It was a big field sprinkled profusely with white sheep. A trodden path crossed it diagonally.
If one did, he was fined a white sheep by the elders but now times have changed and we did not fine Mwongera," Gilfred Muriithi, his younger brother, said.
Then look at how Graves integrates his family experience with this social overlay of expectation: "I've not-so-jokingly told friends I was the white sheep of my family.
The jubba is a loose garment that covers the entire body and is made of manually spun silk or white sheep's wool.
"They called it a white sheep, but of course, it wasn't very white.
On the first morning of my first hunt with it, we 4x4'd up to a high meadow where I took a white sheep at just over 100 yards with a single Winchester 100-gr.
The Romeldale breed provides the breeder with the opportunity to raise a wide range of colored sheep, as well as white sheep ?providing an opportunity to market both white and colored fleeces to hand spinners.