white slave

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white slavery

1. The enslavement of white people.
2. The supposed phenomenon of large numbers of white women and girls being abducted, transported across a border, and forced into prostitution in the late 1800s and early 1900s, especially as characterized by social reformers.

white slave n.
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white slave

a girl or woman forced or sold into prostitution
white slavery n
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white′ slave′

a woman who is sold or forced into prostitution.
white′ slav′er, n.
white′ slav′ery, n.
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Noun1.white slave - a woman sold into prostitutionwhite slave - a woman sold into prostitution  
cocotte, cyprian, fancy woman, lady of pleasure, sporting lady, tart, woman of the street, working girl - a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money
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Then there is the problem presented by a gang of white slavers. There will be hard words and tough actions before Cutler can finally lay the demons of his childhood to rest.
She tells the crowd to love their necks for they (white slavers) would rather tie a noose around it.
Mir Yarfitz analyzes the activities of Ezras Noschim, created to protect Jewish women against white slavers, in the context of attitudes toward motherhood and family.
STAR Wars creator George Lucas has likened his $4billion deal with Disney to selling his kids to "white slavers".
I loved them, I created them, I'm intimately involved with him and I sold them to the white slavers that take these things and" Lucas, speaking to US talk show host Charlie Rose, stopped talking at that point and laughed nervously.
This idea has few takers today because modern history has suppressed the truth about local black kings rounding up their own people and selling them to white slavers for work in America, but the museums of West Africa abound with these accounts, and any local person will be happy to share their history with those willing to listen.
In Connecticut, she further tormented the goth goings-on by amping the ominous vibes with two scumbled black-and-white paintings of Messerschmitt fighters and nearby text pieces concerning white slavers as well as Hitler visiting the Paris Opera.
Kosova "free and independent" became a huge market for white slavers, housed the biggest US military base in Europe, with the highest per-capita out migration of any country in Europe.
THE roaring twenties are relived in Newcastle this week as flapper girls and even white slavers kick their heels at the Theatre Royal.
A trainer puts some long-standing yard stalwart in a claimer and, when it is duly claimed, screams like a pig of the stuck variety that he would rather have sold his firstborn daughter to white slavers. In which case, he is either not mad about his daughter or shouldn't have run his pet in a claimer in the first place.
If you had threatened to sell their first-born to white slavers there would have been less fuss.