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Noun1.white tail - common North American deerwhite tail - common North American deer; tail has a white underside
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
genus Odocoileus, Odocoileus - North American deer
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I was startled by a noise behind me, and turning suddenly saw the flapping white tail of a rabbit vanishing up the slope.
Like the white tail of a rabbit he had the vanishing thought that he was certain of their grief, but not so certain of their innocence.
A narrow path doubled among the bushes, scores of white tails twinkled before the racing hound, and a hawk rose, whistling shrilly.
If the fleeing animal has a white tail, the flash of white can leave a keen impression.
PREDATOR WITH DISTINCTIVE WHITE TAIL THE white-tailed sea-eagle is a large bird of prey, also known as the sea eagle, erne or white-tailed eagle.
The ninth edition of White Tail Hunter's Almanac is a solid "trail-hunting" guide by whitetail naturalist, hunting method researcher, and wildlife photographer Dr.
Such a camp for youngsters between 11 and 17 was conducted in 2003 at White Tail Park--yes, that is the correct name.
The area is home to a host of wildlife, including bald eagles, as well as white tail deer, grouse, pheasant, trout, bass and bears.
He carried his bow for his first white tail deer hunt when he was 12 while hunting with me in my native state of Minnesota.
There, urban wildlife doesn't mean the colorful human variety, but amazingly, herds of white tail deer, red tailed hawks, the pileated woodpecker, brilliant wood ducks, and an occasional red fox--all within city limits.
They vary seasonally in color from reddish brown to gray brown, with both sexes having a broad white tail and undersides that are usually plainly evident when the animals run.
Then in unison they raise their white tail flags and dash to the security of the dense forest.