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Verb1.white-out - lose daylight visibility in heavy fog, snow, or rainwhite-out - lose daylight visibility in heavy fog, snow, or rain
lose - fail to keep or to maintain; cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense; "She lost her purse when she left it unattended on her seat"
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Day four also saw Fettes and Elspeth Berry, of Glasgow, battle wind, snow and white-outs on the Carn Eighe Horseshoe.
"What we're talking about is applying it where we have construction projects and we have also known safety issues such as white-outs or other issues impacting traffic, impacting safety of our traveling motorists," Marchbanks said.
It could be a cause for irritation, but maritimers have learned to appreciate these white-outs and have even named a summer music festival in its honour - Fog Fest.
DUBAI: From heatwaves to white-outs, from fires to floods ...
The snow came in layers, then drifts, creating complete white-outs covering everything some parts of the country.
The winter storm caused white-outs and snarled traffic throughout northeastern Ohio.
The Pelling weather is famous for its mood swings--clouds one minute, sunshine the next, sheets of rain and wind or blank white-outs of fog.
IT'S enough to make you hide beneath your duvet - blankets of fog, 'white-outs' and ice so impenetrable that even your car de-icer is rendered useless.
Having seen two white-outs in a row, the Lakesiders will be keen to return to the pitch as they bid to stoke up their battle for survival.